Todd Richards

    About Todd Richards


    Todd Richards has earned a legendary status in the snowboarding community with accomplishments such making the Olympic halfpipe snowboarding team (1998), U.S Open winner (1994) invented a trick called the “wet-cat”, releasing a top selling book PP3 -Parks, Pipes, & Powder (2004), a documentary about his life “Me, Myself, and I” (2003). He also medaled at the X-Games halfpipe event 7 times and transitioned into hosting the Winter X-Games for 6 years only to move into the role of NBC’s snowboard analyst for the Winter Olympics which he was nominated for a Grammy for in his 2010 appearance. He also played a role in the movie “Out Cold” that starred Zach Falifianakis (2001), and was just selected as Go Pro’s host of the show “World of Adventure” – an Emmy winning show that he will appear on in NBC in 2014. In Todds downtime he enjoys racing Audi’s and can be seen surfing, skating, or snowboarding whenever he can.